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Upcoming Films

These are mostly ideas for films that Oh Cany Productions may or may not actually make. Some of them have already been started, while others are just ideas that will die a sad, lonely death.

Soil Erosion Mockumentary -- In Progress

New! Added January 10th, 2005:
Watch the trailer for this movie!

This is a mockumentary about Soil Erosion in Tioga County, New York. Sound like a boring topic? Yeah, it is. We wanted to pick the absolute most boring topic we could think of...because making a big deal out of such a lame topic is funny. Or at least we think it is.

Anyway, in this mockumentary, a whistleblowing documentary filmmaker seeks to expose the cover-up of the soil erosion problem in Tioga County, which could lead to death and devestation for all of its citizens. Or so he thinks. We're still fleshing out the details, but we have shot quite a bit of stuff so far. Right now, we're working on mock interviews with interesting characters, but eventually we're going to work on creating a coherent plot and make it...I dunno...worth watching. Take a look below at the screen captures for a sneak peak.


Okeydokey in Ochinoche - Planning Stages

We've been talking about making mocumentary about a Minnesota swamp monster for several months...in fact, we've thought up quite a few funny ideas for it, but we don't know if it's actually gonna happen. You see, we really want to make a cool mocumentary, and we're now obsessed with Minnesota accents thanks to the film Fargo (one of the greatest movies ever.) We thought up the title, at least: Okeydokey in Ochinoche (Ochinoche, which rhymes with okeydokey, is the name of the fake Minnesotan town where the movie would take place.)

We've already made a giant packet of ideas for this mockumentary, including a list of names that sound good when said with a Minnesota accent and Minnesota catchphrases. There's also a list of funny characters and scenes we're planning on including.

Other Misc. Ideas

These are just ideas that might someday get produced...but I doubt it.

  • Gangster Film - In January of 2004, we spent quite a bit of time planning a gangster film involving a money exchange between two rival gangs going terribly wrong. I'm not going to explain it here, but it was a really good, really fleshed out idea that had several cool scenes. We're pretty likely to make this movie sometime, or a film very similar.
  • Captain Jack & Hitchhiker - A strange horror short featuring a hitchhiker and a driver with a strong affinity for the song Captain Jack by Billy Joel. I don't know where this idea came from, and I don't know if we'll ever make it...but it was a cool idea.
  • Evangelist Preacher - An over-zealous evangelist preacher delivers his sermon to a church. It's got a twist ending (I'm not gonna explain it here though). It would be an interesting short to make, I think.
  • Special Olympics Bike-A-Thon - A mockumentary about a Bike-A-Thon featuring a diverse cast of special bikers. Jeff, Pete and Chris thought up this idea in October 2003 while on a 50 mile biking campout with Troop 38. If they weren't so lazy, they would have probably made it then. Now it's probably not going to happen.

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