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"Last girl...lovely legs...fit 'em like a boot. Oh, they were lovely. European style--I love it."

Essential Information:
Date: February 2003
Location: Gilfillan & Andrews homes, Owego, NY
Script: Improv with basic planning ahead of time; the scenes were made up on the spot, one at a time, as we made the film.
Newscaster / EMT / Flatfoot Sidekick / Professor Montezero / Knife Woman / All Random Killing People / Camera / more - Jeff Andrews
McManus / Woman Victim - Peter Berg
Police Chief / Announcer / Director - Chris Gilfillan
Special Effects / Camera - Colleen Gilfillan
Dog in Video - Mookie

Synopsis: Following a nuclear explosion at a bread factory, killer bread from the LOAF go on a murdering rampage, killing hundreds of innocents. However, Detective McManus and his supporting cronies are on the case to try to put an end to the LOAF and save the day.

Commentary: Loaf is probably the most artistic and well-made film of Oh Cany Productions' career, which is not saying much. The music, especially, is very good, as is the cinematography in comparison to our other efforts. Also, the film has several distinct, memorable characters, which were all made up on the spot...which is pretty sweet. When you watch this, you can see that we made up the next scene and characters' names as we went along during the improv...which is pretty ghetto, but I think it turned out okay. And we dressed up a dog in this film too, which is always funny if you're deranged like us. Overall, one of our best and most serious attempts at quality filmmaking (yeah right!).

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Posted by: Yanni
01 Nov 2003 18:24:25 EST, 18:24
I salute the loaf with a solitary clap.
Posted by: Sly Sofrye
26 Oct 2003 15:33:37 EST, 15:33
I found "Loaf" thrilling. I was on the edge of my toaster the whole time. I even thought I might brown myself before it was over. A Toast! To a movie that will "rise" to the top, the will "split" the audience, that will have the audience "pumpernickles" in for another few minutes of viewing pleasure. Muffin hats off to you all! If I was there for the opening, i would have given you flours...
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