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Psychology Today

"So we're done? Yes! That took us like six hours...let's just get the tape out of the camera and we'll be set...WAIT--WHO'S GOT THE CAMERA!!?!?"

Essential Information:
Date: October 2001
Location: Andrews home, Owego, NY
Script: Scripted with some improv--the host and guests had scripts but the father & daughter and ending chase scene were improv.
John Doe - Pete Herman
Erik Erikson / Daughter - Jeff Andrews
Prof. Cindy Fiddlydink - Stephanie Morrison
Pirate / Father - Pete Berg
Richard Nixon - Himself
Director - Chris Gilfillan

Synopsis: An episode of the hit psychology talk show, Psychology Today, which is focused on childhood development with many references to Arthur Miller's The Crucible. However, when former U.S. President Richard Nixon tries to steal the finished tape at the end, the shit hits the fan.

Commentary: Psychology Today was the very first video that Oh Cany Productions made as a group, and we had a fun time making it so we decided to make more. It was also nice having a celebrity guest volunteer to play himself in our first production (thank you, Nixon!) A week or so after making this, we began Oh Cany.

Latest User Comments and Ratings
User & Date
Posted by: Pete
26 Oct 2003 13:19:15 EST, 13:19
Our very first movie...and it still is funny to me, though I've seen it many a time...a funny mixture of Nixon, kidnapping, pirates and Stephanie's awesome character, plus it's educational.
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Psychology Today Photo Album
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Madrid Project

"Hola, my name is Juan Sanchez. My daughter work very hard on her HOME...WORK..."

Essential Information:
Date: April 2002
Location: Andrews home, Owego, NY
Script: Scripted (in Spanish) with some unscripted sections.
Host / Map Expert - Pete Berg
Juan Sanchez / Weather Man / Art Museum Guide / La Duquesa de Alba / Bull Fighter / Announcer / Puppeteer / Iron Chef / Street Vendor / more - Jeff Andrews
Juan Sanchez's Daughter / Monk / Street Sweeper / more - Megan T.
Director / Camera - Colleen Gilfillan

Synopsis: An introduction to the great Ciudad de Madrid, in Spanish! This is a project for Ms. Raphael's Spanish IV class at Owego Free Academy...and we decided to make a video instead of a Power Point Presentation or a poster because we're overachievers.

Commentary: This was a really rushed, very under-planned video, and the only thing we really wanted to do was make a film with Juan Sanchez, because Juan Sanchez is the man. The rest of the stuff is just there because we had to do it, though, if it were up to us, the whole thing would be about Juan and his daughter who "work veddy hard on her HOME...WORK."

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Posted by: DARLA
24 Aug 2005 23:02:32 EDT, 23:02
The person making this film used the fade button WAY TO MUCH!!!!
Posted by: Pete
26 Oct 2003 14:10:54 EST, 14:10
Juan Sanchez is the greatest character ever...but a lot of this little project is boring and slow...and you can definitely tell it was rushed. Plus the video quality is really low because I have a third generation tape and you're watching a fourth generation movie file... anyway, some good parts, but needed more time.
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Madrid Project Photo Album
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Watch the Madrid Project!
WMV Format (9:35/100Kbps/5.86MB)

Don Quijote Project

"Yo soy Don Quijote, de la mancha!"

Essential Information:
Date: December 2002
Location: Andrews & Gilfillan homes, Owego, NY
Script: Scripted (in Spanish) with some well-planned improv.
Beaver / Don Quijote / Sancho Panza / Mean Old Man / Brutish Man / more - Pete Berg
Perfume lady / Sancho Panza / Beaver's Mother / DQ's Phone Friend / more - Sara Chobot
Don Quijote - Sarah Taylor
Chia Head / DQ's Assistant / Computer Guy / Brutish Guy / Whipped boy - Chris Lohmeyer
Host - Jeff Andrews
Camera / Director - Chris Gilfillan

Synopsis: A dramatization of several scenes from Cervantes' Don Quijote, interspersed with mock commercials of fake Don Quijote-inspired products. Made for Mrs. Hurley's Spanish V class at OFA.

Commentary: This long-lost project (made in 2002, but found in 2007) is about on-par with the rest of what you'd expect from Oh Cany Productions. Some of the commercials were kind of funny, but most of the actual Don Quijote story part was...uh...not so good. This movie had music accompanying most scenes, played straight from Pete's boombox. We've added subtitles, just to make the whole thing appear classier (and I guess to make it comprehensible).
With Subtitles
High Quality (MOV / 14:34 / 83.6MB)
Medium Quality (MOV / 14:34 / 32.2MB)
No Subtitles
High Quality (MOV / 14:34 / 84.1MB)
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Moe's Commercial


Essential Information:
Date: April 2003
Location: Andrews home, Owego, NY
Script: Scripted for some parts, unscripted for others
Moe - Jeff Andrews
Starving Guy / Moe's Victim - Scott Madsen
Surgeon General Announcer - Jacob Bridge

Synopsis: This is a candy bar commercial for a chocolate bar that is made from 100% R.K. (Road Kill) that has many different uses...from pencil sharpener to window scraper. However, one of those uses is not as food, which we find out during this film...

Commentary: This was a project for Mr. McCay's Economics class at OFA, where students had to create a fake product and then pitch it / sell it to the class. The Moe's tradition runs deep at Oh Cany, back to when Pete & Jeff were in middle school when they made up a fake drink called Moe's and made fake commercials for it in the back seat of cars while they were on long trips...many, many times.

Latest User Comments and Ratings
User & Date
Posted by: Pete
26 Oct 2003 14:32:38 EST, 14:32
A pretty good premise, I'd say, but the execution isn't that great...Jeff's performance as Moe, though, is pretty hilarious.
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Physics Trebuchet Video

Come on Eileen, I swear what I mean, at this moment, you mean everything!"

Essential Information:
Date: May 2003
Location: Andrews home, Owego, NY
Script: Unscripted with planning as we went along, some notes on a notebook to help the improv along though.
Host / Scottish Dancer / Expert / Barbarian - Jeff Andrews
Scottish guy / Barbarian / Haybale thrower / Fiddler - Pete Berg
Scottish guy - Chris Gilfillan
Not really there - Josh Bestle

Synopsis: A short film made for Mrs. Casterline's Physics class at OFA about a fictional war in Scotland between the Scots and the Barbarians, where trebuchets saved the day. Brought to you courtesy of The Catapult Guild of Jutland and Der Fling and Splatter.

Commentary: This was Jeff's and Josh Bestle's project, but Jeff and Chris and Pete (and not Josh) made the movie for fun, and it got Jeff and the not-there Josh a really good grade. Also, if you notice, there is not a working trebuchet to be found in this video, because the one we had (which was made by Pete, Jeff, Chris, Wayne Morse and Mike Hopkins) was broken at the time and the one Josh made was small, pathetic and not there when we made the video. This film also has Come On Eileen played in it at two points, because it was part of the propaganda for that song to be the OFA Class of 2003 Prom song, a campaign run by Pete and Jeff. Come On Eileen was given the shaft by cheating vote counters at OFA, but in our hearts, we know it won!

Latest User Comments and Ratings
User & Date
Posted by: Leenie
31 Dec 2004 01:54:27 EST, 1:54
This movie is one of the greats because of the music!! And although Come on Eileen wasn't the prom song it was the ONLY song played twice and everyone danced to it, so to bad Nicole Arbes but we won! Ha... yeah. This video rocks.
Posted by: Yanni
01 Nov 2003 18:53:22 EST, 18:53
you can never go wrong with Scottish tooshie
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Physics Trebuchet Photo Album
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