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Dartsmith and the Keychains

From left to right:
Some random guy who got in the picture (Harmonica)
Bill "The Pill" Sachman (Invisible Bongos & Kneeslaps)
Pete "Dartsmith" Berg (Air Clarinet & Handclaps)
Jeff "Bo-Beff" Andrews (Air Ukulele & Didgeridoo)
Sammy Gringle (Head Vocalist)

Welcome to the home of THE SINGING SENSATION THAT'S SWEEPING THE NATION, Dartmith and the Keychains! We are an invisible instrument group that has brought you such hits as "School Sucks" and...well...that's about it. We also do covers of the songs "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and "Mary Had A Little Lamb."

Concert Schedule: Next Concert -- Never

Dartsmith Groupies: Steph Eschler (Our #1 fan!!) & Julie Lemmon

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