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Oh Cany Original

Special agent Ally Oop of the Canadian Mounty Brigade at your service, to save the day -- this time from former president Richard Nixon!

Essential Information:
Date: October 2001
Location: Andrews & Gilfillan homes, Owego, NY
Script: Unscripted with various degrees of planning, from complete improv to well-planned improv.
Ally Oop, Kentucky hick - Jeff Andrews
Voice / Canadian General / Drug Dealer / Gang Dancer / Poker Player / Kentucky hick - Pete Herman
Canadian General / Synthia the Prostitute / Gang Dancer / Poker Player / Kentucky hick - Megan T.
Gang Dancer / Poker Player -- Colleen Gilfillan
Kentucky hick - Peter Berg
Director - Chris Gilfillan

Synopsis: When rogue U.S. President Richard Nixon disappears somewhere in the United States to commit unheard of evil deads, Canadian mounty Ally Oop is sent on his trail across the United States. Along the way, the naive Canadian manages to fall into all kinds of trouble.

Commentary: This is Oh Cany Productions' second film (and first that we made just for fun), and the name sake of our production company. This first movie gave us a lot of experience in how to make improv movies on the fly with no prior planning, and we tried to do a lot of original funny effects and such. This first film, which we never really finished, has some really good scenes and some really bad scenes...(Basically, poker=bad, hoedown=good)...

Latest User Comments and Ratings
User & Date
Posted by: chester
14 Apr 2005 19:07:44 EDT, 19:07
what the fuck were u thinking
Posted by: Yanni
05 Nov 2003 10:57:31 EST, 10:57
Kentucky Hicks. funny. Ha.
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Oh Cany Photo Album
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Oh Cany Colorado Scenes

"Me OGRE!! Ho ho ho! You on my bridge!? I'm heeeeere to get you now!"

Essential Information:
Date: August 2002
Location: Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, more
Script: Improv with a small bit of prior planning of high points and events...much less planning than the original Oh Cany scenes

Ally Oop / Ogre - Jeff Andrews
Neck Pillow Guy / Announcer / Raincoat Guy / Rapper / Yodeler / Elephant / Swamp Monster - Peter Berg
Stunt Double / Ogre - Phil Stoltzfus
Neck Pillow Daughter - Sara Chobot
Extras - Tyler Stoltzfus, Caleb Simerson, John Engelbert, Roy Andrews, more Director - Chris Gilfillan

Synopsis: Ally Oop continues his search for Richard Nixon across America, where he meets many odd characters along the way. More importantly though, he looses his hat, and before finding Nixon must also find his missing Canadian Mounty Brigade hat!

Commentary: We never finished Oh Cany when we first started working on it, so when me (Pete), Chris and Jeff went on a trip to Colorado in the summer of 2003, we decided to finish it...the only problem was that we only had Ally Oop's shirt...we forgot the Mounty hat and pants. We also were traveling through several very diverse, beautiful areas, so we shot scenes based on where we were and if we had spare time. We didn't even try to keep a coherent plot...we just shot funny scenes as we thought of them and if we had time. You'll definitely notice a quality loss between the Colorado scenes and the originals just because we didn't have all the resources available to us that we had at home.

Latest User Comments and Ratings
User & Date
Posted by: Pete
25 Oct 2003 23:52:52 EDT, 23:52
The Colorado Scenes are some of the most ghetto things we've ever made, since we had NO RESOURCES to work with except for the mounty shirt (no hat) and what we had on our backs. We also had some amazing locations to film at. The scenes also do not follow a plot, and though there were a few gems among the bunch, most of them aren't especially great.
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Oh Cany Colorado Photo Album
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Oh Cany Colorado Scenes II
Essential Information:
Date: August 2002
Location: Colorado, Missouri, more
Script: None. All improv.

Ally Oop - Jeff Andrews
Swamp Monster / Yodeler / Neck Pillow Guy - Peter Berg
Ogre - Phil Stoltzfus
Director - Chris Gilfillan
Synopsis: Where the heck is Nixon? And where did that mounty hat go? Our hapless hero Ally Oop is at your service to save the day!
Commentary: The "lost" scenes from Oh Cany that we shot on the Colorado trip, rediscovered in 2007. They're absolutely terrible, but how could I not let them see the light of day and be spread to the internet masses? Enjoy the Swamp Monster scene, Hallway scene, "The Sand Witch Project", Pike's Peak and some others.
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