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Mike's Big Day

"Quick working...Fast action!"

Essential Information:
Date: August 2003
Location: Camp Barton, Trumansburg, NY
Script: Unscripted -- all improv, with some prior planning for some scenes, none for others.
Mike Amante - Himself
Tim Clive - Himself
Dick Jones' Hand - Tim Clive
Shilo - Herself
Mark Fish - Himself
Stunt Double - Tony Mastracco
Victim - Thatteus Heinz
Carrie Eastman - Herself
Kathleen Gross - Herself
Gretchen Gross - Herself
Christopher Nelson - Nelson
Gen. Jeff Andrews - Himself
Sidney Winter Kids - Who knows?
Camera - Chris Gilfillan
Director / Camera / Editing - Peter Berg

Synopsis: Camp Barton's Mike Amante demonstrates what he does in an average day as Camp Director. This is a tribute to Mike, on his last day, who retired from Camp Barton after fourteen years of service.

Commentary: Pete volunteered to help out Camp Barton and Mike Amante with this video project, having never really done any real editing or professional video production before. He got more than he bargained for (making this video was really time consuming because he had to teach himself as he went along through the editing process), but in the end it turned out pretty good. In the future, when Pete does more video editing, this experience will serve him well. Will we ever see any more edited Oh Cany Productions? It does go against the philosophy of our production company, but the answer is: probably yes!

Latest User Comments and Ratings
User & Date
Posted by: Guy
31 Mar 2005 16:47:38 EST, 16:47
Mike's bald... HA! That alone makes this film worth watching!!! Also, the film stars Tim Clive aka: "White Head". There's some true talent right there... I give it a 10! Banana! Mike, Banana!
Posted by: anonymous
02 Nov 2004 13:54:39 EST, 13:54
I have to disagree with Pete to some extent. yes the film is filled with inside jokes- but they are not funny to him because he doesnt know what they are about. but if you do know what the inside jokes mean they are very funny. therefore i have to say that while the craftmanship of the film could be much better, the entertainment value was not made for Pete to enjoy it was made for Mike Amante and...
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Camp Barton Promotional Film
Essential Information:
Date: July 2004
Location: Camp Barton; Trumansburg, NY
Script: None.
Billy - Steve Bogart
Camp Counselor - Tim Clive
Camp Counselor - Mark Fish
Narrator / Scoutcraft Director - Jeff Andrews
Director / Editor - Peter Berg
(And many, many more)

Synopsis: Young Billy is bored during the summer, so over-zealous camp counselors Mark Fish and Tim Clive try to relieve his summertime woes by showing him around Camp Barton. However, Camp Barton doesn't turn out to be quite as good as it's made out to be.

Commentary: After Mike's Big Day last year, Camp Barton wanted Pete to come back and make them another video, this time a mock-education film 50's style promotional video. This video (as well as Mike's Big Day) was shown to campers every week throughout the entire 2004 camp season. Basically, camp director Tim Clive and program director Mark Fish walked around with staffer Steve Bogart, improvising scenes at every area of camp (and some places in between), and talking to a whole lot of camp staffers. They thought it would be funny to make Camp Barton look very bad -- dangerous, arduous and creepy -- instead of fun, and it turned out pretty well. There are definitely some funny moments in this 21+ minute video, and its five minutes of deleted scenes and outtakes. Pete also created a minute-long satirical fake Barton commercial, that parodies the cheesy 50's/60's commercials that used to be on TV everday. (This appears near the beginning of the movie and is probably the best part.) Anyway, After shooting nearly two hours of raw footage and spending two straight days editing, this is the result.
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