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N*I*N*E World

This is N*I*N*E's official site, complete with a snazzy layout. (N*I*N*E is MaegeN, ChristI, ColleeN and JuliE's incredibly awesome singing group.)

N*I*N*E Official Fan Site

This is the official fan site of "The greatest pop-sensation since N*sync! The cream of the crop! The Jam of the toe! The jelly in the donut! And dare I say...THE CREAM OF THE OREO!!! N*I*N*E!!!" ~raves Sublyme Beats Magazine... N*I*N*E also happen to be good friends, big Oh Cany fans and even in a few of the movies.

Mr. Feldhake Tribute

A tribute to the greatest physics teacher ever, who hated his job so much that he quit to become an accountant. We will never forget you, Mr. Feldhake!

The Dixiecrats

The Dixiecrats are a Dixieland Jazz Band founded by Peter Herman, Rocco Edwards and Matt King, of Owego Free Academy fame. (Pete's been in several Oh Cany productions.) The band is called the Dixiecrats, so their site is extremely racist and offensive. (They're not really racist in real life, but on the web they think they have to live up to their name...)

Maegen's Site

Maegen Eddinger's personal web site. Wahoo!

DarksiderZ Portal

Jeremy Pranes' site with some cool little stories, song lyrics, and various miscellaneous ramblings...read the Bunny Story -- it's really cool!

Official IC Hanson Headquarters

Pete's room is The Official Ithaca College Hanson Headquarters, and this is the official site! You won't find more Hanson posters in one place in the entire world! Mwahahahahah! (Disclaimer: Pete doesn't actually like Hanson -- this is a joke.)

Pete's QBASIC Site

Pete used to be a big-time dork-wad computer programmer type (look he still is--he made this site all in good ol' Notepad)... and in middle school, he had his own little QBASIC site which was once a Mecca of the QBASIC online community. Yeah, once it was updated EVERY SINGLE DAY...check it out to see nerdom at its peak!

Nuclear Monkey

Nuclear Monkey is a site Pete Berg, James Mead and Chris Lohmeyer created for the final project for Mr. Corlett's Web Programming class at OFA. It's a satire news site (Onion rip-off) that is completely automated by CGI scripts, if you know what that means. If we actually updated it, it might be cool. But we don't. Oh well.

Thunderbird Atlatl

Thunderbird Atlatl is Pete's parents website, which he designed, where they sell ancient spear-throwing devices called atlatls. This is his father's full time job--no joke. Pete's family also consists of cave men, but that's another story entirely.

Rate My Teachers: Owego Free Academy

Rate My Teachers is a pretty sweet site where any old whipper-snapper can instantly rate their teachers...this is the page to rate teachers at OFA.

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