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TV Commercial Power Hour

TV Commercial Power Hour Vol. 2

TV commercials pack quite a punch into a 60 or 30 second spot, so they're perfect for a power hour! Like Volume One, this contains all kinds of commercials, including super famous spots, god-awful infomercials, hilarious retro ads, foreign ads, and a TON of local commercials that are laughably terrible. This power hour shows that TV advertisements can be *way* more entertaining than the shows themselves.

RULES: Drink a shot of beer every time the text comes up on screen. You will drink six beers by the end of the hour...and will be subconsciously indoctrinated into buying TONS of automobiles, kitchen appliances and soft drinks!

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Commercials In The Power Hour

1. DOMINOS - Carlton Draught
2. BIG ASS STORAGE - Jones Big ASS Truck Rental and Car Storage
3. PAY ATTENTION - Awareness Test (Transport of London PSA)
4. CAT HERDERS - EDS E-Business
5. PROTECTION - The Back Up Bedside Shotgun Gun Rack
6. SHOWDOWN - Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan shootout (McDonald's Big Mac Ad)
7. TIGHTEN UP THE GRAPHICS - Westwood College Online & Collins College game design schools
8. VEGETABLES - Durex Condoms "Cucumber" & Pronto condoms "Mantu"
9. OUTRAGEOUS - Outrageous Audio, Oregon electronics store ad
10. HAWAII CHAIR - Workout chair infomercial
11. TIME SCULPTURE - Toshiba upscaling monitors
12. PREVENT IT - Canadian WSIB workplace safety PSAs
13. WUNDER BONER - Fish deboning product
14. IPODS - iPod Nano Feist "1 2 3 4" & iPod Touch "Music is my Boyfriend"
15. FRED AND SHARON - "Who wants a movie?" - fredandsharonmovies.com
16. IT'S A WHAT? - Swing Wing vintage toy from Transogram
17. TOUCH - Skittles "Touch" ad
18. SPICY MEATBALL - Alka-Seltzer "Mama Mia, That's a Spicy Meat-a-ball"
19. SPEEDFIT - Mobile human powered treadmill promo
20. SALMON - John West Salmon
21. BUSEY'S BUSINESS IDEAS - Gary Busey spots for GotVMail phone system
22. DISTURBING DOLLS - Baby Laugh A-Lot by Remco & Baby PiPi by World-O-Wonder
23. THE HUMAN TOUCH - Toyota Japan
24. SWEET SURPRISE - High Fructose Corn Syrup ads by Corn Refiners Association
25. FIRST MCDONALD'S COMMERCIAL - Introduction of Ronald McDonald
26. BOOM - Tabasco Mosquito & Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich
27. MEN - Fake lawyer commercial for "The X Show" on FX & Volkswagen "Polo confidence"
28. WHOLEMEAL BREAD - '80s bread baker dance
29. NO SHAME - Cash For Gold USA
30. TERMINATE PIRACY - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan & Pele anti-piracy ads
31. SMOKE - Flinstones vintage Winston Cigarettes
32. UPDATED - Singin' in the Rain remix Volkswagen Golf GT1
33. FURNITURE - Martin Furniture "pirate" & Dodd's Furniture "Hulk"
34. TRIGON - Blue Cross & Blue Shield Health Insurance commercials with little kid "kick in the penis" & "growin muscles"
35. GENES - Brooke Shields for Calvin Klein jeans
36. BUNNIES - Sony Bravia HDTV claymation bunnies
37. MARRIAGE - J. Michael Gallagher Divorce Lawyer & Orbitz gum clean mouth divorce
38. PRIME CUT - "Bob's Greatest Hits" for Prime Cut Meat Market Restaurant
39. GEMINI - '80s Isuzu Gemini Commercial
40. BADGER - Johnson Automotive "No Badger" ads
41. INNOVATION - Easy Toothbrush round toothbrush & Music Vest sound system
42. CREATIVE - "This is rock and roll" keyboard infomercial from Creative (drum solo)
43. CRAZY CALLS - novelty answering machine tape
44. CUT THE CHEESE - Bud Light
45. OH NO... - "My Lil' Reminder" audio recorder infomercial
46. SLINKY - "Everyone wants a slinky" vintage jingle
47. THE FAR EAST - Beer for kids (Japan) & Korean Popeye's chicken commercial
48. FLY - Washington Lottery - hang gliding with flightless birds
49. HISTORIC VICTORY - Barack Obama commemorative plate
50. PHONE IT IN - M.C. Hammer 900 line & Luciano's Pizzeria "open late"
51. DOTCOM - E*Trade clapping superbowl ad & Pets.com delivery puppet ad
52. HOW MANY LICKS? - Tootsie Roll Pop
53. PIMPIN' CARS - August Express auto lot pimp & Miller Dodge "Pimp My Credit"
54. DANCE - Six Flags old man techno dancer
55. YOU CAN COUNT ON IT - Norton Furniture "Grasshopper" & "You Stink!" ads
56. RUBBERBAND MAN - OfficeMax office supplies
57. QUICK CASH - Good Ole Tom's gold exchange & "Magic Website" infomercial clip
58. HIDDEN CAMERA - Whopper Freakout & Weird Japanese naked barking guys ad
59. AWESOME WORLD - Discovery Channel promo
60. THE COKE SIDE OF LIFE - Epic world inside of a Coke vending machine
END CREDITS - "Drive the USA in your Chevrolet" jingle

Compiled By

Pete Berg
December 2008

Copyright © Oh Cany Productions, All Rights Reserved.