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Clown Chase:
Essential Information:
Date: March 2004
Location: Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
Script: Made up as we went along.
Starring / Co-Director / Editor - Peter Berg
Evil Clown - Dan "The Man" Gutkoski
Groucho Mask / Co-Director - Eric Zapakin

Synopsis: Pete has a nightmare about evil clowns, and wakes up to discover that there is an evil clown terrorizing the campus. And so a chase begins.

Commentary: This was my experimental/editing project for my Television Producing and Directing class at Ithaca College. It turned out really well, especially the jump, considering we shot all the footage for this in about twenty minutes one day. I put several little details into this video...for example, notice the shirts in my closet after the dream sequence. Yep, that's the same shirt the clown wears. There's also an alternate ending (see the link below.)
Clown Chase Photo Album
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Watch Clown Chase!
Clown Chase (2:53/256Kbps/5.5MB)
Alternate Ending (2:32/256Kbps/4.83MB)
Eric's Cut (2:13/256Kbps/4.21MB)

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