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Finally: Don Quijote and the lost Oh Cany scenes!

Way back when we launched this site, there were a handful of our high school projects that went missing, and we figured we'd probably never see them again. Well, we were wrong! The other day, Chris and I found "The Don Quijote Project" from Spanish V class and several missing scenes from "Oh Cany" from our trip to Colorado in 2002. They've been added to the "School Projects" and "Oh Cany" sections, respectively. We also did a slight bit of editing on both of them -- with our space age computer editing system -- something we could never do in high school. This includes adding subtitles to "Don Quijote," so that it's coherent. Don't worry, we didn't do much...the movies are still unbelievably crappy.
Posted By: Pete
Date: Monday, September 3 2007
Time: 14:06

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