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Soil Erosion Back In Production!?

Well, not exactly. But a few weeks ago, Jeff and I *almost* shot another scene for Soil Erosion (or perhaps a scene for another movie we might make about Ghost Hunters). In fact, we discussed *possibly* shooting this scene extensively, tried to recruit some people to be in the scene, and even did some half-assed location scouting. That's a huge step forward for Oh Cany Productions! Anyhow, Jeff's got some videos he made with friends at Geneseo that we're gonna put up on the site soon, so you can look forward to those. Or not. I don't friggin care. Now, if you'd excuse me, I'm going to get back to *not* editing Soil Erosion!
Posted By: Pete
Email: pete_berg@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, June 12 2006
Time: 2:09

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